Jane       Cable

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'The past is never dead...'



Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

If you are a reader who likes their romance

sprinkled with suspense… or their suspense with a

hefty dose of romance… then please stay a while

and learn a little more about my books.


My first novel, The Cheesemaker’s House, won the

suspense & crime category of The Alan Titchmarsh

Show’s People’s Novelist competition and Words

for the Wounded’s inaugural independent novel

award. This is the story of Alice, who moves to

Yorkshire following the breakdown of her

marriage and meets her new neighbours from the

present and the past.


“I desperately want to find out about Owen; a

fascinating character... the gift here is to make you

want to read on.” Jeffrey Archer


“I really loved the authorial voice – it really drew me in.

But more than that I loved the fact that the initial

mystery posed is one that I could not think of a possible

solution for, so that really got me hooked.” Sophie



“Jane Cable’s first novel is intriguing from the first page,

to the last.” Lizzie Greenhalgh, The Lady


My second book, The Faerie Tree, was also published

through Matador in March 2015. This time the

mystery revolved around a couple who meet twenty years after a brief affair only to discover that their memories of it are completely different.


“Will keep you guessing right up until the end and maybe even beyond it.” Claire Dyer


“Well written, absorbing and original. Read and enjoy.”  Margaret Graham

The Latest

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I 'm delighted to announce that Another You will be published by Sapere Books on 27th June, but is available for pre-order on Amazon now.


The second book of my deal with them has the working title of Winter Skies and is also a romance slipping back to World War Two, this one set in the Lincolnshire heartland of Bomber Command.