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'The past is never dead...'


Book Clubs

Book clubs are very important to every writer and for those who choose to read one of my books I’d like to say thank you.


Author Q&A:

When your group discusses one of your books I will do my best to be available to answer questions online – or even in person if you are close enough. I’d be delighted to do this – it’s likely to be a learning experience for all of us! Drop me an email to discuss the possibilities.


My own book club recommendations:

You may well have considered some of these already, but how about:  

The Museum of Broken Promises by Elizabeth Buchan

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

The Perfect Affair by Claire Dyer

The Two Lives of Louis and Louise by Julie Cohen

The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

Diving Belles by Lucy Wood

Watership Down by Douglas Adams (yes, really – it’s not just for children and it’s still relevant today)

A Man for all Seasons by Robert Bolt (it may be a play but it’s especially interesting to consider it if you have read and discussed Wolf Hall because it gives a completely different perspective on the same characters)

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