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'The past is never dead...'


Future Projects

Always a good question to ask an author – what are you working on now? Then if

you like their work you can look forward to it, or if not then you know what to



My most recent project, Winter Skies, is set in the Lincolnshire heartland of

Bomber Command. Archaeologist Rachel is trapped in a destructive pattern of

behaviour as far as relationships are concerned, but the past has a habit of

repeating itself and could provide her with the impetus she needs to break free.

It will be published by Sapere Books in late 2019.


A number of people have asked me if there’s going to be a sequel to The Cheesemaker’s House. If I had unlimited time, the answer would certainly be yes; I know exactly what happens to Alice and Owen next and I would like to share it.


I’m also pondering a complete re-write of an earlier manuscript about a single father who turns his back on life in the City to bring up his daughter in a house made from a railway carriage on the beach at Pagham near Bognor. By giving him a new love interest and drawing on the legends of the ancient yew forest at Kingley Vale I think I now have a really dramatic story.


And it goes without saying, that having moved to Cornwall I'm finding plenty of inspiration here.


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