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'The past is never dead...'


Future Projects

Always a good question to ask an author – what are you working on now? Then if

you like their work you can look forward to it, or if not then you know what to



My current project is a story about a young archaeologist who feels she is never

quite alone under the sweeping Lincolnshire skies. It was inspired by a visit to the

beautiful village of Winteringham on the banks of the Humber, the place where

Roman Ermine Street ended. The research into archaeology has been fascinating

but somewhat of a distraction from getting on with the plot.


A number of people have asked me if there’s going to be a sequel to The Cheesemaker’s House. If I had unlimited time, the answer would certainly be yes; I know exactly what happens to Alice and Owen next and I would like to share it.


I’m also pondering a complete re-write of an earlier manuscript about a single father who turns his back on life in the City to bring up his daughter in a house made from a railway carriage on the beach at Pagham near Bognor. By giving him a new love interest and drawing on the legends of the ancient yew forest at Kingley Vale I think I now have a really dramatic story.


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