Jane       Cable

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'The past is never dead...'



'I found it difficult to let go of this book. I sat

up reading it during a power failure, with

an LED headlight strapped to my forehead.

I had to find out how two people who love

each other so much could have such a gross

misunderstanding. Can experience really

be shared? There were moments when I

doubted truth and love. I cared about the

protagonists, both frail and flawed human

beings. I valued their attempts to hold on

to each other, feared for them when they failed,

I couldn't wait to see how the situation

resolved. In the end, the book seemed a

testament to resilience, determination and love.

I received a free Kindle copy from Netgalley for

the purpose of reviewing this book.'

- Nanette Tredoux


"The Faerie Tree concerns a journey of reflection, and denouement. It is a journey that twists and turns, a peeling back of layers and always a sense of mystery flowing beneath it all. A mystery that holds sway until Jane Cable reveals the truth, or does she? Well written, absorbing and original. Read and enjoy." Margaret Graham


"This book is a delight. With a gentle touch Jane Cable weaves together the certainties of time and place with the vagaries of memories and the uncertainties that follow loss. Like Pinter's 'Old Times'. The Faerie Tree will keep you guessing right up until the end and maybe even beyond it." Claire Dyer


"This is a very emotional book, with several twists and turns, at one time I thought there were gaps in the storyline which didn't add up but this all comes full circle as the story continues and you get a greater understanding of the characters. A very good read." Rosie Amber


"The Faerie Tree was not what I was expecting at all, it far exceeded my expectations. This is high quality writing, and the author is very talented. Her characterisation is outstanding, the story is impeccably paced and very convincing.  A great novel, and one that I'd certainly recommend." Anne Cater (Random Things Through my Letterbox)


"This is a book that you feel and experience rather than read - the whole emotional content is quite perfectly handled, and there were times when I physically ached for the two central characters. The author really takes the reader under their skin - you might not understand what happened any more than they do, but you feel their hurt and loss with the same intensity." Anne Williams (Being Anne)

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