Jane       Cable

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'The past is never dead...'


The Faerie Tree

How can a memory so vivid be wrong?


In the summer of 1986 Izzie and Robin hold hands around the Faerie Tree on the banks of the River Hamble and wish for a future together, but just hours later tragedy strikes and they do not see each other again for twenty years.


In the winter of 2006 Izzie spots a down-and-out on the streets of Winchester – a man who looks very familiar…


The Faerie Tree pieces together Robin’s and Izzie’s stories and the people they have now become, but it becomes increasingly clear that their memories of twenty years before are completely different. Whose version of the past is right? And what part does the Faerie Tree play in their story?


Following on from the success of The Cheesemaker’s House, Jane Cable once again mixes mystery and romance with a sprinkling of folklore to keep you turning the pages from beginning to end.

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