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'The past is never dead...'


The Characters

Another You is told exclusively from Marie’s viewpoint. In her early forties with her

son just graduating from art school and semi-detached from her husband, she starts

the book at a very low ebb but the events of the summer help her find her confidence

and new love. She was a wonderful character to write – completely immersive – and

hers is a story that very many women will recognise and be heartened by what she

achieves in the end.


Walking on the cliffs above Studland, Marie meets Corbin, a visiting American

soldier. There are in fact two GIs in the story, Corbin and Paxton, and I am indebted

to the time spent with me by a former Para who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was able to tell me all I needed to know and more about the effects of combat stress. Even writing romance, research can be harrowing.


Marie also meets a British D-Day veteran called George who is a frequent visitor to the pub with his son, Mark. George becomes something of a father figure to Marie as well as providing first hand accounts of Studland at war, and increasingly Mark becomes part of her life too.


Even if I’d lost my original ghost, I couldn’t abandon the characters from my short story completely and as well as being Marie’s emotional crutch her son Jude has problems of his own as he falls in love for the very first time.

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